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Cottage Cheese Benefits: Five Things you Should Know

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Health & Wellness, Nutrition | Posted on 02-07-2010

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Cottage cheeseSome people eat cottage cheese.  Some people enjoy it.  Others don’t like it or pass it off as, well, just “regular” cheese.  Whether you like cottage cheese or have even tried it before, the truth is, this superfood is anything but “regular.”  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just tone up, cottage cheese can be one of your best friends and should be stocked in the fridge without fail.  Here are five things you should know about this cheesy food:

1. One cup of low fat (1%) cottage cheese contains 163 calories, 28 grams of protein, 6 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fat.

2. Lots of people top cottage cheese with fruit, but few think about spicing things up.  You can top it with salsa, or any types of herbs and chow it with healthy whole-grain chips or use it in place of mayo on a sandwhich.

3. Cottage cheese really is cheese.  The difference with cottage cheese is that the mik is curdled and drained instead of being processed or aged.  The end result is a “cheese” that’s high in protein – casein to be exact – because most of the whey is drained out.


4. There are tons of different ways to consume the cheese that, well, might be otherwise considered “boring.”  One idea is to use it in place of creamy, fatty condiments to add the same level of texture but with more protein and less fat.  Another approach is to blend it with a hardboiled egg or mix it with tuna to make a higher protein snack.  It can also be mixed in an avocado when making guac or added to a pasta sauce on days where you’re taking in more carbs (and should also try to take in more protein)

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5.  Since cottage cheese is high in casein protein it is the perfect food to consume before bed.  Casein digests more slowly than other types of protein and hence can supply the muscles with a steady stream of amino acids while the body is alseep.  What’s more, use cottage cheese packed in a container as a portable snack to bring with you on days when you know you’ll have to go a long time between meals.


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