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How to Burn Fat: Ten Ways

People often look for the easy way out.  Whether its a matter of not wanting to deal with something that makes them uncomfortable, or really trying to avoid a genuinely tough situation, most people opt for the road most traveled.  I’m not going to get into whether or not this is a desirable...

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The Celebrity Workout Book for Men has dropped!!

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People have been waiting in anticipation over the last few months wanting to know exactly when the giant ground-breaking guide The Celebrity Workout Book for Men would be available.

Well, no more waiting – it’s finally here!

For those of you who haven’t heard the buzz, this book is huge…

The first of it’s kind.

For people who haven’t heard about it yet, here are the details:

It’s an exclusive guide with diet and workout information that has never been released before:

A book that lays out exactly what people need to do to sculpt their body into the specific type of physique of the ripped celebrity of their choice.

It’s a giant manual that explains exactly how to eat and workout to get a body just like some of the biggest names in movies, music, and sports.  How to get a body like some of the guys you see on the silver screen who are known for their bodies.

You know, those famous guys who are in really great shape who women love.  Yea, THEM.

The Celebrity Workout Book for Men is unlike anything else out there today.  It’s jam packed with information about how to totally transform your body.  It’s a huge book containing over 400 pages on the following topics:


- The four main things you need to know about nutrition – that no one else will tell you

- The science behind protein and how much you really need

- The easiest most complete guide to protein powders you’ll find anywhere

- The main fitness principles you need to understand to get life changing results in the gym

- The information that top trainers use to design amazing workout programs that get killer results – so you can understand the science

- The exact workouts you need to use to get a specific celebrity body type like almost 20 stars – over 18 12 week plans.

- The exact approach to use if you decide you want to change your body from one type of physique to another later down the line

And More…


As of now you can only get this exclusive book here at MyLifeMyBody.  That’s because it was written by co-founder of MyLifeMyBody, Andrew Tattle.  He spent years learning the techniques and strategies that are only available in The Celebrity Workout Book. They’re the same strategies he used himself to transform his own body:

The best part is that before we give the book to other distributors we can offer the it at reduced price – but only for a limited time…if you’ve wanted to change your body this is your chance.  This is your guide.  Don’t wait. Grab a copy now!


How to Lose Belly Fat: 3 Simple Tips

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Losing belly fat is pretty simple on paper, and it’s not hard in real life either if you know what to do.  The key is formulating a plan and sticking to it, so with clients I try to make losing belly fat as simple as possible.

When trying to lose extra weight around your abdomen you have to be aware of several important factors.  These include energy balance, hormone and activity levels, and current body composition – how much muscle and fat you currently have and where you store it.

Men typically have the biggest problem with belly fat since they have a tendency to store extra weight around the middle, but women can have trouble with this as well.  The truth is that regardless of where you tend to put on excess weight if you put on enough eventually you’ll have a big belly.

In general, to burn belly fat you need to create negative energy balance, which basically just means burning more calories than you take in.  Most people have heard this and it’s pretty simple.  It’s not the entire formula but it plays a big role, and it’s normally responsible for some pretty substantial weight loss.  As far as hormone levels go, you want everything to be optimal in that department as well.  This means muscle building or anabolic hormones and fat burning or lipolytic hormones need to be working in perfect harmony to keep your body burning excess body fat efficiently – and not storing it in the first place.  It can be difficult to create this type of environment in your body’s cells when you are out of shape and haven’t really got the ball rolling.

This is because the third factor, body composition, is extremely influential as well.  The amount of muscle mass and body fat you currently carry have a big impact on your metabolism and your ability to burn belly fat.  The leaner you are to begin with, the easier it is to continue losing body fat.

So those are some of the most important things that come into play when trying to lose belly fat.  Not too complicated, right?

Knowing how to tackle these things and what approach to take can be pretty confusing though.  That’s why I’ve laid out three simple little-known tricks that will help you burn that much loathed fat around your waistline.  Yep, only three things, but they’re effective because they help with all of the fat burning factors I mentioned above.

So whether you call it “ab fat”, “stomach fat”, a “muffin top”, or a “spare tire” it’s gotta go.  And regardless of whether you want a “ripped six pack”, a “svelte stomach”, or just a “flat tummy”, this tactic will get you that much closer to your goal.

The strategies here are pretty simple, like I said.  All three influence the factors above to be sure, but the most important component here is something that you’ve probably never heard of:

They increase the levels of something called “adiponectin” in your body.

That’s right, adiponectin.

Since most people haven’t heard of this compound, let me fill you in on what it is and why it’s important.

Adiponectin is one of a group of hormones known as adipokines.  These are hormones that are released from fat cells (leptin, another fat storage/fat burning hormone is another adipokine).

So that’s what it is…but why is it important exactly?

Adiponectin is a fat burning hormone that is responsible for several key things in your body that have a HUGE impact on getting lean and staying there – and yep that includes losing belly fat.  First of all, this adipokine helps improve insulin sensitivity, essentially making insulin better at doing it’s job, which will keep you lean.  Secondly, adiponectin causes the body to increase the amount of calories that it burns.  Simultaneously this powerful hormone has been shown to curb appetite.  And finally, adiponectin has a direct impact on muscle efficiency – which helps you lose belly fat and keep it off.

So this adiponectin stuff sounds pretty great, right?  It definitely is and the key to making it work for you is to increase the amount that you have circulating through your body. That’s the main idea here.

But the question now is how do you accomplish that – how do you increase the amount of adiponectin in your system?

It’s not too hard, and remember those three tips I mentioned?  They all revolve around exactly that – increasing adiponectin levels:


  • Eat More Monounsaturated Fats

Monunsatured fats, which everyone now seems to recognize as being the “heart healthy” fat are found in a variety of simple healthy foods.  Here are the main sources – the best options to really crank up your intake and thus increase adiponectin levels in your body.

- Olive oil

- Avocados

- Olives

- Peanuts

- Almonds

- Macadamia nuts

- Beef

- Sesame oil


  • Increase your intake of antioxidants
Antioxidants play several very important roles in the body and one of the lesser known ones is their effect on adiponectin. Antioxidants actually act on the genetic level to  increase the expression of adiponectin genes by your fat cells.

There are several important antioxidants that influence adiponectin, but as with most antioxidants, achieving the desired effect requires more just eating a lot of one type of food.  In a lot of cases, taking an antioxidant supplement is the way to go.

A. Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic acid increases adiponectin levels in the body while simultaneously stabilizing insulin and also leptin in the your system.  Both insulin and leptin are powerful hormones when it comes to keeping a fast metabolism and need to be harnessed effectively to reap the greatest benefits.  Taking Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of Ten Rules of Fat Burning Backed by Science and I also recommended recently here as well that people take Alpha Lipoic Acid for Reducing Body Fat and Slowing Aging.

B. Curcumin

This compound has many benefits but for the purposes of this article the important thing is that it can block new fat cell growth while increasing fat oxidation (burning), and inhibit the production of genes involved in fatty acid production.  The other cool thing about Curcumin is that it flights inflammation at the fat cell level while at the same time increasing the amount of adiponectin in your body.

C. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are a hot supplement at the moment that some people believe is a powerful fat blocker.  There have been some studies to date that it seems to increase adiponectin in the body and that it also increases the bioavailability of something called hormone sensitive lipase, which is involved in utilizing stored fat for energy.  See Rasberry Ketones for Fat Loss for more info.


  • Increase your Energy Expenditure

Adiponectin levels in your body are negatively correlated to your body fat levels.  What this means is that the more body fat you have, the less adiponectin you’ll have in your system.  And, yep you guessed it, the less body fat you have, the more adiponectin.  The result here is that the leaner you are, the more adiponectin you’ll have in your body, so you’ll be lean and have no problem staying lean.

For those of you who find it hard to stick to a diet and lose weight, there’s a different strategy you can use to increase adiponectin, lose that belly fat, and keep it off.

It’s called exercise and you just may have heard of it.

The cool thing about exercise though honestly here people is that it doesn’t matter what type you do, it will increase adiponectin in your body.  In fact, the heavier you are, the more adiponectin you’ll release from exercising.  You won’t produce as much adiponectin through exercise once you get really lean, but that’s ok, because you won’t need as much.

So, whether it’s weight training, team sports, biking, jogging, or even walking, just getting out and moving your body will help you lose belly fat and keep it off.


Adiponectin is a little known hormone we all have that plays a huge role in staying in shape.  Increasing the amount that we have in our system is a great way to help you lose belly fat, whether you have a “spare tire” or just a “little extra”.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the person whose never worked out in their life or if you’re the guy or girl who is addicted to fitness – adiponectin can make a big difference in your body fat levels, health, and physique.





Have you Ever Regretted a Workout?

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A lot of people look for excuses when it comes to working out.

They’re too tired.  They’re not in the mood.  They don’t have time.

You know what?  That might be true, but those complaints shouldn’t stop them from working out – from moving their body.

They shouldn’t get in the way of them using it in the way it was meant to be used.

And people shouldn’t be content sitting on their ass, but many are.  So their body becomes weak.  They get used to low expectations.

It gets harder to change.  So some people stop caring.

But this is life, people!

It’s passing by one second at a time, but at any moment you can turn things around…

Every day is a new beginning!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the person above or if you’re already in great shape.

Whoever you are, you can be better tomorrow than you are today! In any aspect of your life.

Be stronger than you were before.  And if you’re already on top, keep going.

They’re too tired.  They’re not in the mood.  They don’t have time.

Don’t be THEM.

Commit to something.  Hone your dedication and your discipline.

Improve YOU.

In the gym and in life.



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Five Ways to Squeeze More Time Out of your Day

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People say a lot of things about time:

“Time is the same for everyone each day.”

“Time is fleeting – and life is short.”

“Time is money.”

“Time is the stuff life is made of.”

I could go on, but the point I’m trying to make is that time is valuable.  I think most people need to reminded of this every so often even though it’s a rock solid truism.  At times we forget how precious time really is, but that clock still keeps ticking.  It’s pretty ruthless like that…

And with that said, I don’t care if you’re a Wall Street trader or a beach bum, you could probably use more time in your life.  You want to have more space within which to do the things you love.  And, of course, to do the necessary “daily grind” things that you might not like so much as well.

Now, I’m not trying to contend that you can actually create more time out of thin air.  I’m spiritual – not magical.  If you actually believed that you probably wouldn’t be here reading this article.  Instead you’d be rummaging through a dumpster downtown, looking for a discarded TV dinner box to use as special hat – one that could transport you to a mythical world full of unicorns and giant talking Kit Kat Bars.  Or something like that…

Instead, this is all about rearranging your time to make what you do have more functional, since you can’t really beat that 24 hour clock.  The good news though is that there’s a good chance you’re doing things that are sucking the time (and maybe the life) right out of you that you could quit right now.  And I’d also bet that despite my lack of true wizardry, if you give these tips a shot, you just might actually feel like you’ve created some brand new hours in your day.

And having more time is like snagging that brand new car off of the show room floor.  It looks good, and makes you feel even better.

Try these tips to take time that you forgot you had and use it for stuff that’s actually important:


1. Get the F#$* off Facebook


So Facebook is useful – I can appreciate that.

But it’s also hugely addicting.  And it can be a giant time-sucking vacuum.

How many times per day do you need to check your newsfeed just to look at the pointless minutia people post that’s mostly comprised of time-wasting videos, negative rants, or inconsequential digital conversations?  And how many times do you need to know what your narcissistic friend who updates their status 20 times per day is doing?

The problem with “checking” Facebook is that none of us really “check” it at all.  It’s never a quick couple of minutes.  It tends to be five minutes of perusing profiles that turns into 45 minutes of lost time that you can never get back.

Nevermind the fact that studies now show that Facebook makes us depressed and feel less truly connected to one another.

Cut your Facebook sessions down to 5-10 minutes a couple times a day and pull the plug on the addiction.  You’ll have more time to go out and do all the fun shit that your Facebook friends want you to think they’re doing.


2. Save Time with Sleep

Yep, we all know sleep is important.

We can’t really change that. And it’s kind of of boring advice, but it’s true.

The thing is though, how you sleep – both the amount and the quality of your sleep – can play a huge role in how productive you are during the day.  And, if done right, modifying your sleep schedule in a special way literally can create additional time in your day that you – and most other people – have never had.

Let me explain.

First of all, in terms of how you sleep, just having a regular sleep schedule and getting 8 hours of shut eye per night helps you squeeze more time out of the day.  That’s because although you’ll have the same number of hours that you normally would, you’ll be more productive than if you were sleep deprived or even if you slept too much. (turns out sleeping too much is almost as bad as sleeping too little).

More importantly, (and this is the kicker) there’s actually a way to save time with sleep by doing less of it while still giving your body enough to function optimally.  This of course leaves lots of extra time to do other things that you never had time for.  Some people have been able to get by on 2-3 hours of sleep with this approach for months (or longer) at a time.

And yea, it sounds nuts but it works.

It’s called polyphasic sleep and it revolves around the idea that humans may be able to sleep in multiple short stints rather than one long stretch at a time.  The thing is, the multiple short stints (aka naps) often don’t add up to being anywhere near the amount of sleep that one gets when they use monophasic sleep – or sleeping like most people do by going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning.  This results in the person having a lot of spare time since polyphasic sleep often only requires half (or even less) the time that a typical sleeping style does.

There are different views out there about whether or not polyphasic sleep is better for you, but many great thinkers, artists, and writers throughout history have used this approach to give them more time to do tons of useful things.  Like reading, writing, thinking, socializing, and not getting on Facebook.


3. Kick your reality imaginary TV habit

The average person spends several hours per day watching TV.  If you wanna be average, then you should do the same.  If not, change this habit immediately.  Not only is watching the tube killing your time and hurting your health by sitting on the couch for hours on end, but the reality shows you’re flipping to are probably brainwashing you.

And let’s think about it for a moment.  What does your choice of programming say about you?

If you are content following the misadventures boring-plot-less-scripted lives of wanna be “stars” (ie the Jersey Shore crew, etc.) what does that say about how dull your own life is??

And yea, I can hear the argument now -

I only watch those shows so I can “turn off” my brain.  Just to relax and not have to think.

I can appreciate that – to a point.

The problem is that reality TV is probably more addicting – and way less useful – than Facebook.  Unfortunately it confers no utility whatsoever so that makes it about ten times worse than the social networking site.  (Facebook is at least useful).

Reality TV will suck you in and suck you dry.  Minimize the amount of time you spending vegging out to these scumbags’ peoples’ scripted, baseless crap and you’ll thank me later.

Trust me on this one.


4. Exercise to Get more Usable Hours out of your Day

We all know about the myriad health benefits of exercise.  Unfortunately, these often don’t motivate people to get off their ass and do something physical with their bodies.

Part of the problem might lie in how we perceive exercise.  Most people think about it in a very simple – and limited – way.

Exercise is painful, annoying, boring, etc.

Exercise is time consuming.  There aren’t enough hours in the day for it.

And it’s that fundamentally flawed logic that screws most people up.  As if the other “negatives” people assume go along with working out weren’t enough, most folks really think that exercise is a time waster.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Studies show this, and my experience supports it as well.

Admittedly, I’ve gone for brief periods where I didn’t work out.  Suddenly I wasn’t spending 30 minutes, 1 hour, or even 2 hours per day working out and of course I filled that time with other things. I’ll concede is that I began to think that I suddenly had all of this time to spend each day on something else.  But it was a misconception.

The truth was that although I technically had more open time, I actually had less usable time because I was lazier and not as productive overall.  I realized when I got back to my regular workout regimen that I had more energy, more focus and that I actually effectively got back more time from my workouts than I invested.

That’s because I was now able to extract more out of the moments that I did have.  Time that, in reality, I had all along.

Oh yea, and I derived all the typical health benefits as well.

A pretty good investment of time and effort if you ask me.


5. Kill your Email Addiction

This is another area that a lot of people need to work on.  Throughout our day, most of us go around taking care of “necessary daily grind” things.  This is what I use to refer to work or errands or meetings that we don’t necessarily want to be involved in but have to.  While annoying, most of us can’t get out this stuff.  It’s not a big deal and it’s part of life, but it feeds into something else that all of us do everyday, multiple times per day.

That is, we look for things that are new or novel that give us a sense of excitement and pleasure.  Now, despite the fact that that may sound semi-philosophical, it’s not.  What it basically means is that we’re all hedonists that are directed by our physiology to look for things that make us happy – even if they’re actually bad for us or don’t matter.  And it’s pretty simple, really.  All of those little things that you experience throughout the day that you like: a bite of that chocolate, a text message from your significant other, a new Facebook message, or checking your email all give us a nice brief hit of dopamine – a brain chemical that makes us feel good.

Unfortunately it’s this same brain chemical that’s involved in addiction and time-wasting activities like watching TV, checking websites multiple times per day, gambling, and even binge drinking.

And if the idea of getting addicted to any of the above things doesn’ t scare you, think about all the time you really waste checking, checking, checking that crap all day.  It’s time you’ll never get back and it’s totally devoid of substance.

For this reason, I recommend checking your email one to times per day max.

One thing that I’ve found to be very helpful towards that end is to unsubscribe to unimportant mailing lists that you may have opted in for.  It’ll definitely decrease that urge to constantly check – and to be tethered to your iPhone, Blackberry, etc.


So to recap:

“Unfriend” your Facebook urge

Modify your sleep schedule to manufacture more time

Throw away your television


Untether yourself from email

Give those strategies a shot and I guarantee you’ll squeeze more time out of your day.  Make it happen.



How to Drink without Getting Fat

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Everybody likes to party.

If you say you don’t, you’re probably not being entirely honest.

Now, I don’t recommend heavy drinking in general, but I know people partake in it (including myself every once in a while), and some do it a lot more than others.  So, I figure, if you’re gonna do it, why don’t I throw a couple tips your way about how to minimize the damage while still having fun.

And the real question, particularly for those of us who wanna stay reasonable fit – or at least not get fat – is how to do it intelligently.

The first tip I can recommend is that you read my three part series on how to drink and lose weight, starting with Drink and Lose Weight – Part 1: Alcohol, Weight Gain, and your Hormones

Once you’re done with that, you’ll have a reasonably good idea about how to have a couple drinks (or get totally trashed – your choice) and still keep your body as hot and healthy as humanly possible.

As an adjunct to the strategies that you’ll learn in those articles, you’ll also want to refer to this really awesome website that has been set up for the sole purpose of showing people how to get drunk but not fat by picking the lowest calorie beers, wines, hard liquor etc.

It’s called GetDrunkNotFat.com and you can find it here.

I can’t stop you from getting drunk occasionally – and hey, why would I want to?  Every once in a while you gotta live a little – I know I do.  The key is being able to party while still looking good and being as healthy as an ox.  Most people think you can’t do it, but trust me, you can.

Impossible is nothing.

Rock on.



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