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Burn Fat and Build Muscle with High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training or HIT as it is often referred to, isn’t for the faint of heart.  It is known for being one of the hardest training systems out there and it hurts like hell.  It’s been around in it’s current form since the seventies and some people probably used variations...

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How to Lose Fat Fast: Four Easy Ways

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Wanna lose fat fast?

If you’re like most people you probably wanna lose a few pounds or at least “tone” up.  And if you’re like most people you also want instant gratification.  You wanna get there fast.   You want results and you want ‘em now.

Whether you’re trying to lose some serious weight or you’re just trying to tighten up your physique, chances are there are a few things that you could be doing that don’t take a lot of effort, but do yield some pretty cool results.

For those who want (or need) to lose some serious pounds, these tips can serve as an easy starting point and you can build up momentum and consistency as you go along.

For the folks who just want to fine tune their body or their appearance, these tips may be enough to get you most of the way there.

1. Grab some CLA

Conjugated linulaic acid or “CLA” is a super powerful supplement with a ton of benefits.  One of the most incredible of those is it’s ability to help the body metabolize fat more efficiently, AKA burning fat. Recent research studies shows that when over several months CLA can have a profound impact on fat loss.  People using CLA steadily for up to one year have been able to decrease body fat by as much as 5-10%.  What’s even more impressive about CLA’s fat burning effect?  It has an uncanny ability to target abdominal fat and most likely has a positive impact on hip and thigh fat in women.

2. Sip a (protein) Shake

If you’ve been following the health and fitness trends for a while now, one thing you’ve probably noticed is that eating frequent, small meals throughout the day and consuming an adequate amount of protein over the course of the day are two pieces of advice that have been shoved in your face constantly.  It’s enough to make you wanna ditch the diet and go binge on a box of donuts, right?  Wrong.  You keep hearing these things because, well, they work. One little caveat is that there are some other options aside from constantly eating all day that also work (and some recent evidence shows that the six-meal-a-day habit may not be as effective as once thought), but eating small meals is still a good strategy – especially if combined with others.  Another good strategy (and one that’s not likely to be argued over anytime soon) is to consume moderate to high levels of protein at consistent intervals throughout the day if you’re looking to stay lean or add some muscle mass.

So why the protein shake, exactly?  Easy.  Although a lotta folks think that protein shakes are just for muscle heads or athletes, the simple fact remains:  protein shakes are awesome for everybody because they provide an easy, portable, and complete protein source for people who are busy on the or just want something convenient.  When it comes to protein powders, whey is pretty good when it comes to filling up the blender post-workout.  But for those who want something even better than the plain ‘ol whey that can be used as an even more efficient protein choice any time of day, a powder that includes a blend of proteins is the best bet.  A high quality protein that includes whey, casein, and even egg albumin proteins gives you several sources of muscle-building amino acids that will all digest at different rates to give you both an immediate and sustained amino acid IV-esque drip that will keep your metabolism revving and your muscles happy throughout the day.

3.  Fast Intermittently

When people think about “fasting” they often picture some strange extreme lemon-flavored water fast where they suddenly say bye bye to food few several days or more.  Not only are unplanned, spontaneous fasts like this stupid (and dangerous for some), but they are also ineffective, at least when it comes to the long term.  A better solution?  Intermittent fasting. This type of fasting is different than your typical juicer-only diet in that it not only can help you lose weight, but it allows you to burn fat while sparing muscle – and it still lets you eat “normal” foods.  Another benefit?  Some studies suggest that intermittent fasting can reduce mortality risks via it’s positive effects on insulin release (and sensitivity) thereby extending lifespan.

So how do you do it?

There are a few strategies but here are the basic guidelines of the easiest way to try intermittent fasting:

1. Eat a normal amount of calories (as many meals as you would like, but at least three) from the hours of 10AM to 6PM

2. Consume a high protein meal that contains egg and or casein proteins as your last meal at around 6PM.  Whole hardboiled eggs and cottage cheese are great choices.

3. Do not eat any foods from 6PM until 10AM the next morning.  Keep in mind that you will be sleeping or in a pretty inactive state for much of this time so it is not as hard as you think…

4. (…Except for this step which can be a little tricky) If your schedule allows – and you want to crank up the notch on fat burning – then try a “fasted” workout when you wakeup.  This ideally should be done so that you are finished with the workout at 10AM and can consume a wholesome meal directly after.

5. Consume a high protein, high carb breakfast and repeat steps 1-5 until the desired results are achieved.

*Note: consume a food containing about 10 grams of BCAAs before your morning workout if you want to make this protocol more effective.  This will guard against muscle breakdown and help stabilize blood sugar levels.  It will also give your would-be-sloppy workouts a little extra oomph.  The best way to get those 10 grams of BCAAs?  Consume a simple protein shake (just protein mixed with water) that contains about 30 grams of protein.  (this will probably be about 1-2 scoops depending on the brand)

Want an extra trick to keep you in line?  Sip lemon water (just iced water with sliced lemons) throughout the day.  It will help fight hunger, keep you hydrated and may help with fat burning.

4.  Drastically reduce your Carb intake (but only for a few days)

Cutting carbs can be tricky for people most of the time and that’s part of the reason doing it for just a few days is smart: you’ll see results – yes, even in a few days – and you won’t be depriving yourself for very long, so after the few days are up you can keep going (and see even better results) if you have the motivation to do so.  What’s the magic number to shoot for?  If you’re trying to get lean really fast, say in a few days to one week, try to take in no more than 50 grams of carbohydrate. Keep in mind that this only works out to about 200 calories in the form of carbs.  Obviously you have to take in way more calories than this regardless or gender or weight so the rest of your energy needs to come from fat and protein.  In this situation your protein should be very high and your fat intake should be moderate.  (this is where following step 2 can help both by controlling those cravings and giving you an easy way to take in high amounts of protein).  Since 50 grams of carbs is extremely low I only recommending doing it for short time periods when you want to shed fat ultra fast and are not particularly active (working out hard).  If you want to get lean over a longer period of time, say one to three weeks, up your carb intake to around 100 grams per day. This amount is a little easier to get by on over the long haul as it’ll give you more energy and won’t feel as tough mentally.  The key while doing this with both examples is to keep protein intake high and consume adequate amounts of water (1-3 gallons depending on body size – yes I said gallons) as that will push your body to get rid of extra toxins. balance electrolyte levels, (it will help with potassium levels particularly) and more efficiently eliminate body fat.  The lack of carbs (and presence of tons of water and protein) will prevent not only weight gain but also water retention, so this step (as well as all of the other steps in this post) will help a lot with water retention.

Looking to get in great shape but need a little help?  Check out The Celebrity Workout Book for Men, the breakthrough 400+ page guide which will show you the diet and training secrets to get an A-list body!

Sony Bravia LX900 3-D HDTV

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 30-12-2010

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Looking for a TV to throw on your wall but can’t decided which is the best flat-panel to flaunt above your fireplace?  You could do worse than Sony’s Bravia LX900 3-D HDTV.  It’s 3-D capable but if that’s not your thing, it’s 2-D viewing capabilities are just as good.  Other cool features include wi-fi connectivity so you can stream Netflix or Amazon Video instantly (along with broadcast and cable, of course), multiple inputs for an array of digital and electronic devices (including those for an awesome surround-sound set up) and a super thin body.  Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Men’s Burton AK BK Insulator Jacket

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 22-12-2010

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Chances are it’s pretty chilly in your neck of the woods these days.  But that’s ok, because if you gotta bundle up there are a few companies out there that make some pretty stylish winter threads.  Burton, who, of course, is known for their knarly snowboards also happens to be one of them.  Take the Burton AK BK Insulator Jacket for instance.  Disguised as a huge and poofy down number it’s really just a nice and light extra layer that’ll help keep you warm.  Filled with high quality down, the AK BK will keep you warm and dry – on or off the slopes.  Orlando Bloom makes it look sharp.  Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 22-12-2010

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Looking for something a little more powerful than your iPhone or Android to record video this holiday season?  Enter the Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder.  At 4 inches by 2 inches with a width of only about 1 inch, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but with a 2 hour recording time and a 4GB-8GB memory it’s big enough to take some seriously long life-size video.  Other features include image stabilization, 720pHD picture, and a 2 inch screen.  Oh yea, and it’s also “designable” which means you can pick the cases color or make your own.  That is if you’re not a plain black, white, or grey type of person. Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Ugg Classic Short Boots

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 14-12-2010

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For the ladies who want an easy way to keep their feet warm and stay stylish this winter, the Ugg Classic Short Boot can’t be beat.  The Classic short is the Australian brand’s most popular women’s sheepskin boot and features soft twin-faced sheepskin for the ultimate in comfort.  The suede/leather outsole has visible reinforced heel and raw seems that make this boot not only cute, but also durable. They hit several inches above the ankle around mid-calf so they go great with jeans or a mini.  But you probably already knew that…   Grab ‘em here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Driver

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 10-12-2010

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If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere where you can go hit the links in the dead of winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t still start getting ready for next year’s spring/summer rounds.  And what avid golfer doesn’t get giddy at the idea of buying a new driver just for the heck of it?  If you’re one of those folks, the Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Driver is definitely a good way to go.  It features an aerodynamically-perfect head that gives you less drag and more speed, an STR8-Fit eight-position adjustability that helps you tweak the club’s face, a Nike Fubuki Graphite Shaft, and an oversized 460cc head.  Better yet?  All of these things add up to make sure you hit the ball…far.  Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Men’s Burton Custom X Snowboard

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 07-12-2010

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While there are some pretty good Snowboarding companies out there, Burton pretty much takes the cake when it comes to originality.  They started the whole craze back with Jake Burton in the late 80′s and haven’t stopped since.  Their 2011 Custom X is packed with more power, precision and “pop” than any of it’s wood core board predecessors.  According to Burton the board packs “the true feel of a wood core, the snappy suspension of Camber, and the electrified edge-control of NEW Lightning Bolts Hi-Voltage.”  Hey, sounds good to us.  Whether you understand snowboard slang or not here’s all you gotta keep in mind: this bad boy will have you destroying everything from back bowls to super park with ease and style to spare. Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: L.A.M.B. Plaid Shawl Collar Jacket

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As if Gwen Stefani wasn’t already cool enough, she’s gone and created her own clothing line, L.A.M.B. (short for “love, angel, music, baby”).  What’s so great about her label is that it features stuff that she would wear herself.  A lot of the pieces are based off her unique style but also somehow have just enough universal appeal to work for almost any gal.  The L.A.M.B. Plaid Shawl Collar Jacket is a perfect example.  It sports a wide collar and a beautiful symmetrical black and white plaid pattern with leather-trimmed-hook-and-loop closure that secures the wrap-style front.  The hem is longer at the sides and leather half-circles adorn the cuffs for some added flair. Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Ruthie Davis Sushi Rock & Roll Pumps

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 06-12-2010

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We’ve all heard that you can’t have enough shoes, but Ruthie Davis takes it a step further with her mindset that you can’t have enough on your shoes.  Her Sushi Rock & Roll Pumps have a lot going on and the result is nothing short of spectacular.  If you’re skeptical, just ask yourself who can make gold, silver and spikes look this good.  The pump has a 5″ heel as well as a 1.5″ double platform upper wrapped in tank patent leather – not to mention multi-studded straps and a black patent leather heel counter.  Add ‘em to just about any woman’s feet and you’ve got trouble.  Just ask Victoria Justice or Demi Lovato.  Grab ‘em here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Men’s All Saints Military Boots

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Although seen on both guys and gals lately, we have to admit that the All Saints Military Boots are a knarly choice for the fellas.  They somehow combine the air of detached cool with the bravado of something a little more classy, making for an all together sharp looking pair of shoes.  The calf-high, front-laced boots are German military inspired and have a toe cap that can take a beating (and look good doing it). Hayden Christensen seems to be doing just fine in them. Grab ‘em here.

Jennifer Aniston Diet

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Celebrities, Nutrition | Posted on 04-12-2010

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If you’ve ever wondered what Jennifer Aniston’s diet consists of, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there that look at the seasoned star and think to themselves how does she get her body to look like that? A lot of people would respond to that question with “maybe she just doesn’t eat…maybe she starves herself.” Nice try, but think again…

Let’s get real.  No one really boycotts food altogether.  Fasting, maybe.  Dieting, sure.  But perpetual starving?  I don’t think so…and what of her sexy curves and solid muscle tone? That comes from a healthy diet (where she eats real food!) with enough calories to support her activity level and keep her metabolism revving.  Without a doubt, her diet follows a few main principles:

1. It’s low to moderate in calories, so she gets just what she needs and no more.

2. It’s got enough protein so she can build and maintain lean, graceful muscles.

3.  It tastes good, so it’s easier for her to stick with it!

Ok, so that all kinda makes sense, right?

That basically sums up a few of the main ideas behind her diet, but it still leaves one question for all the people out there wanting to look like the real woman behind Rachel Green from Friends: what does Jennifer Aniston actually eat?

Here’s the lowdown:

Nowadays Jen has the assistance of a couple of pretty cool celebrity chefs who prepare her meals every day.  Not only is this great in terms of guaranteeing she’s getting what she needs nutritionally, but it’s pretty freakin’ convenient!

Jewels and Jil Elmore, her chefs, have helped her change the way she views her kitchen from a place to store Powerbars (a food she used to eat all the time when she didn’t have time – or chefs) to a real sanctuary where she can realize healthy eating habits.

With the help of these two culinary experts, Jennifer Aniston now sticks with healthy foods such as quinoa, salmon, and Greek yogurt, to name a few.   Before she used to think that all she had to look out for were foods packaged with “low fat” labels and she’d be fine.  These days she knows better.

When it comes to eating she says “there’s literally nothing more important to our health, happiness, and success than what we put into our bodies and the energy, clarity, and stamina that come as a result.”

The Food

41 year old Jennifer Aniston at her recent fragrance launch dressed in a tiny Valentino dress. Proof that her diet works!

Jen keeps her calories in the 1200-1300 range.  This might sound on the low side – and it is – but the key is that it’s not too low.  To stay trim – and maintain her muscle – Jen has to be taking in enough calories to support her metabolism, but not so many that she starts storing them as body fat.  By the same token, if Jen were to take in too few calories, say 800 or so per day, she would actually have more trouble maintaining a lean and healthy physique because her body would go into “starvation mode” and store more fat even though she was consuming less.

Here’s an example of what an average day of meals looks like for Jen:


Eggs with Feta Cheese and Parsley in 1/2 Whole Wheat Pita

Calories: 193


Arugula, Shaved Artichoke and Toasted Hazelnut Salad

Calories: 248


Roasted mixed nuts with Furikake dressing

Calories: 135


Grilled Halibut with Red Quinoa and Grilled Yams

Calories: 625

How to Eat Like Jennifer Aniston:

So you might not be a celebrity and you might not have your own chef.  So what?  You can still eat well, enjoy your food, and look great!  Here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Learn to cook. (even if it’s just a few simple healthy recipes) As you may have noticed, Jen not only eats healthy foods (what a generic term, right?), but she tends to eat all natural, whole foods as often as possible.  All of her calories come from natural sources.  Try to do the same and you’ll see success.

2. Avoid the processed JUNK. Jen didn’t always have a chef.  Back in the day, she used to chow down on Powerbars and other packaged foods for the convenience factor.  While sometimes this is ok, most of the time it’s pretty bad for you and there are other options.  The main challenge it finding the time to cook and prepare wholesome meals, but if you follow rule #1 above, you’ll be on the right track.

3. Get carbs and protein at every meal. This one is normally pretty important but in Jen’s case (and yours), since she is taking in a somewhat light amount of calories, it’s extra important.  It helps keep you full longer and gives your muscles more glycogen for workouts and sustained energy.

4.  Drink water. Although Jen doesn’t mention it above, she drinks a good amount of water and you should too.  It will help keep your mind away from food so you’ll avoid extra snacking, it will keep your muscles hydrated, and, if you opt for one of the flavored no calorie options out there, it really will stop you from daydreaming about cheeseburgers (hopefully).

5. Get your rest. When you are sleep deprived you tend to eat more because the signalling processes that tell your body when to eat and how much don’t function properly.  Sleep enough and you won’t gorge yourself on cheat foods.

Try these tips and you’ll be showing off long lean legs and a flat stomach in no time!

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Men’s Lululemon Kahuna Short

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Although not spotted on the fellas as much as your everyday Under Armour garb, Lululemon’s men’s line is just as stylish and functional-cool as the clothing they make for women.  Their Men’s Kahuna Short is a perfect example.  It’s a do-everything short that performs as well on the mountain or in the gym as it does in the park or on a casual date.  It’s created out of fabrics that are not only durable and stretchy but also quick-wicking so they’ll dry fast if you decide to go for a dip.  They also feature a relaxed, mid-length fit, cell phone pocket and are preshrunk so they won’t be too tight after that first wash.  Grab ‘em here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Dell Inspiron Duo

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 01-12-2010

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Not sure whether what to think about this whole tablet craze?  Curious about the iPad but don’t know if you even need one?  Well, Dell has your answer.  Their new Inspiron Duo is an interesting creation by the PC giant that combines a tablet with a traditional laptop.  So, while everyone else is stuck deciding whether to tote around their laptop or their tablet, you can bring both in one package. Features include a flip-around 10.1-inch screen that functions as a normal display in netbook mode but turns into a touch screen functioning tablet sporting Dell’s media-friendly duo Stage once you flip it to the outside.  It comes standard with Windows 7 Home Premium, dual USB ports, integrated webcam, and a solid Intel Atom processor to top it off.  Grab it here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Women’s Lululemon Athletica Define Jacket

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 25-11-2010

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Lululemon has somehow both flown under the radar and simultaneously stolen the show when it comes to hip, higher-end, but not too in-your-face athletic wear.  Their angle?  They’re clean and fresh.  No really – they’re actually an environmentally friendly brand and use all natural products to create their clothing.  Combine this with their stylish apparel that always seems to give the perfect fit and you’ve got a winner.  From yoga and running to skiing and surfing – and everything in between – lululemon knows physical culture and just wants to “spread the love”.  If you are looking for something that feels as good to wear before your workout as it does after, the Lululemon Athletica Define Jacket is a solid choice. Grab it here.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Anthony Logistics for Men Body Cleansing Gel

Posted by personaltrainersscottsdale.com | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 24-11-2010

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People always say that if you look good, then you feel good.  Well, what about smelling good and being clean? The Anthony Logistics for Men Body Cleansing Gel will help you do both.  Not only does it work well for all skin types, but it’s supposedly got a knack for clearing the respiratory system and even improving muscle aches and pains. It’s ingredients include aloe vera and wheat protein which combine to keep your hide ultra moisturized.  The eucalyptus/mint scent probably won’t have your lady complaining and the fact that a portion of the proceeds go to prostate cancer research doesn’t hurt either. Grab it here.

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