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Ab Workouts: What you Need to Know

Ab Workouts are probably some of the most popular types of exercise routines out there. Why? Because everyone wants abs.  Obviously. And most people can get abs, or a six pack, or whatever you would like to call it if they find a plan that works and stick with it.  Yea, there are some lucky people...

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The Easiest Way to Lose Weight Now

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Lose weight now

The easiest way to lose weight starting right now is a very simple three step process.  It takes a little bit of work, but if you follow this approach you will start to see results soon.  From there, you can keep going and the weight loss will get easier and easier.  The other side benefit?

You’ll get healthier in the process.

This means you’ll be sexier, have more energy, and will be able to control your weight and how your body looks more easily.

The hard part is getting there, but once you get your body where you want it to be in terms of weight loss, keeping it there will be a breeze.

So what is the easiest way to lose weight now?

It all starts with this simple three step plan:


1. Reduce the number of calories you’re eating – this just means eat LESS!  At this point we are not worried about paying too much attention to changing the types of foods that you eat, if there are some bad ones.  We will work on that later, but for now, the idea is just to simply eat less.  So, for weight loss now, if you were eating 3500 calories a day, start by going to 3000. If you were eating 2000, try dropping that number to 1500.  The trick is to give your body a rest from the nutrient overload that is happening, and to just confuse it a little bit – in a good way!  Once the body recognizes you are eating less calories, weight loss will start to happen naturally as it shifts to burning fat for energy in place of the extra food that you were eating.

2. Start moving, but change it up!  This means that if you were not exercising at all previously, start by walking a few times a week or try the bike or treadmill at the gym.  If, on the other hand you have already been working out to try to stay fit or lose weight, then mix it up!  Your body has gotten used to what you were doing, and is not responding to it anymore!  In fact, in some cases you could be actually doing too much exercise for your body, and the stress and other factors could be causing your fat burning to stall!  So, if are you working out already, then add some strength training if you’re currently doing a bunch of cardio – or, if you’re already hitting the weights hard, back off and add some cardio exercise in it’s place.

3. Find your triggers.  What we’re referring to here is the idea that there are certain things that you’re doing that are sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  When it comes to getting in shape there are a lot of things that can hold us back, but there are definitely some really obvious things that are easy to spot.  Do you skimp on sleep or drink too much when you’re stressed?  Are you eating too much right before bedtime?  Find the things that you know are bad for weight loss and quit them now.  It may take a little bit of discipline – and a little while – but the weight loss will be worth it.

How to Lose Weight (For Real)

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d9320a70493ca67c2d8cb93dae457b52We all want to lose weight at one time or another.

And, if you don’t need or want to lose weight now, you will at some point – it’s just a fact of life.

The real question is how do we really lose weight in a way that is both doable in the first place (and sustainable) over the long haul?

How to Lose Weight Fast

Posted by mylife | Posted in Fitness, Health & Wellness, Nutrition | Posted on 21-03-2015

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imageWhen it comes to losing weight, most of us want results yesterday. Trouble is that rushing weight loss can make the process both harder – and unhealthy. Follow these four steps to start to lose weight fast:

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How to Eat What you Want and Still Get Lean: 3 Tips

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We all would love to still be able to eat (most) of what we want, while simultaneously starting to get lean. Want a sexy body without having to totally eat like a monk? Read and follow these strategies and you’ll be well on your way.

Carbs: Earn ‘em or Burn ‘em

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If you didn’t know better, you would think carbs are, basically, poison.

A nutrient that makes us fat, bloated, and unhealthy.

That’s the way a lot of health and fitness magazines spins things these days.  They want you to think that carbohydrates are the devil and that you need to race over to the super market and pick up all of the low-carb microwave-ready options available right away.

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Interview with Workout Finishers creator Mike Whitfield

Posted by mylife | Posted in Fitness | Posted on 16-07-2012

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imageMike Whitfield is a certified Turbulence Trainer in Atlanta, GA and was recently named TT trainer of the year. He has lost 105 lbs himself and specializes in metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers. 

As a matter of fact, metabolic workout finishers are what he is known for and they helped him lose over 100 lbs and he uses them with his online and offline clients.

Celebrity Diets

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Celebrity diets, like celebrities themselves, get a lot of attention.  But are these eating plans really all that special?

Yes and no.

Yes, the ones that work are solid.  But the ones that don’t are a complete waste of time.  Kind of an obvious judgement, right?  The real challenge though is

Ab Workouts: What you Need to Know

Posted by mylife | Posted in Fitness | Posted on 10-07-2012


Ab Workouts are probably some of the most popular types of exercise routines out there.


Because everyone wants abs.  Obviously.

And most people can get abs, or a six pack, or whatever you would like to call it if they find a plan that works and stick with it.  Yea, there are some lucky people who might not have to work as hard, but that doesn’t change the fact that everyone’s results will be better when they fine tune their workouts and make sure their diet and supplementation is spot on.

Cuz if you’re gonna go for it, you might as well give it your all and follow the most intelligent path.  And, if you’re one of those folks out there who naturally has a lean and defined abdominal area, don’t slack off, because you could look even better with just a little bit more effort.

The bottom line is that you can’t just hope for an awesome body.  You can’t just guess what the right exercises are for you goals.  Ultimately, you have to get your shit together to look hot.  It doesn’t just happen.

How to Get Ripped

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I can’t count how many people I’ve met over the years who have wanted to learn how to “get ripped”.  As a personal trainer one hears the question a lot.  Some other individuals I’ve met say they just want to lose some weight, and they’d be happy with a flat stomach.  In the end though, most people if given the option would opt to have a really awesome physique.  I’m talking a stand out, amazing, head turning body.

Unfortunately most guys give up on the idea of having a spectacular body because they believe that it isn’t possible.  They think that they don’t have the right genes, or enough of a background in fitness.  Some might doubt that they have enough time to commit to working out, or they fear they won’t use the right exercises.  Still others assume that since they weren’t athletes in high school, they’ll never be able to get six pack abs and defined muscles.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to finally turn your body into something incredible.  Not only is it possible, but it’s a lot easier than you think to get a ripped body.  There are really only two obstacles when you break it down:

Mark Wahlberg Workout

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The Mark Wahlberg Workout is great for guys who want to develop a physique like Wahlberg had in movies such as Fear, The Italian Job, and Invincible and The Fighter. The part-time actor, part-time producer, and once rapper is actually one of only a handful of guys who have been known for their body from the start. Wahlberg first made a name for himself as rapper “Marky Mark” and even appeared on billboards shortly after as an underwear model for Calvin Klein.

Since his early days growing up in a blue collar neighborhood in Boston, Mark always had a lot of tenacity and was very ambitious. He was involved in gangs and other nefarious activities as a youth, which opened the door for him to take on an equally interesting role: international rap sensation. After his music and modeling careers died down, Wahlberg set out to become an actor and he soon transferred a lot of his physical energy to the big screen.

The now-superstar’s build hasn’t changed too much since his shirtless days as a loudmouthed solo artist. He started working out seriously in his teen years and – even by age 20 – had developed a pretty impressive build. He has always been lean and maintained ample size in his arms, shoulders, chest and back. He is a natural mesomorph and his average stature and medium to large frame allows him to build and maintain muscle mass pretty easily. Since Wahlberg has always had a pretty thick – albeit lean – body type, this is a decent routine for just about anyone. Skinny guys looking to bulk up and heavy guys looking to get leaner will both benefit from trying this plan.


Exercise Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

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Ladies: workout to look like this. Guys: workout to get girls like this

Is plastic surgery the way to go if you want to improve your appearance?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that there are other ways to make yourself look better and not only are they effective – they’re also safer.

Leave it to me to tell you that a little sweat equity will pay huge dividends in the “get hotter” department. And sure, you might not like to work out, but would you rather go under the knife?

If you answered yes to that question don’t get ahead of yourself here. The strategies I’m about divulge can also be used in conjunction with cosmetic procedures (to accentuate your results) if you’re dead set on saying “hello” to a scalpel.

So what I’m talking about exactly?

First of all this applies to both men and women.

If you’re a girl who wants to lose the weight around her waist or give her bust a good lift then this is for you (if you think your “tits” are too small or saggy etc. you also apply) If you want to make your ass rounder and lift it up, these strategies will help with that too. Oh yea, and that “chicken wing” you’re always complaining about? You know, the back of your arm where it jiggles a little bit (and you might even already be skinny). Yeah that.

Christian Bale Workout

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Christian Bale physique

The Christian Bale workout is an ideal routine for someone who wants to achieve a physique like the actor did in movies such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, American Psycho and others.  Bale, an Oscar-award winning actor, has wowed audiences with his amazing performances as well as his commitment to changing his body to portray his characters better.

His most buff physique was in Batman Begins and – prior to that – he had sculpted an even more ripped, leaner body in American Psycho.  The most impressive body transformation that Christian Bale had was when he took his body from an unhealthy and emaciated 130 pounds (the weight he had cut to to play his role in The Machinist) to a huge and pretty lean 230 pounds to play Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins.  He used a combination of big eating and hard training to achieve this feat.

Because Bale was able to go from a gaunt and unhealthy light-weight to a hulking guy with a Batman build, this routine is definitely great for guys who are skinny or thin and want to bulk up and really add a lot of muscle to their frame.  Much of getting huge is about eating enough calories so that is an important part of this routine.

Looking for more Celebrity Workouts? Check out the Hugh Jackman Workout here.

Meanwhile, if you are shooting for more of an “in between” look that is more athletic and “shredded” like the one he had in American Psycho, this plan will also work, but eating to stay lean needs to be the focus.

Sylvester Stallone Workout

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The Sylvester Stallone workout is a great routine to use if you want to get in great shape and stay that way. Using a similar training style, the hard-knuckled actor has shown that you can stay in great shape over the years, even into your sixties. He’s been incredibly fit ever since his critical debut in films like Rambo and Rocky, where the characters relied on being tough as nails to overcome challenges. These movies cemented Stallone as a certifiable tough guy – someone who defined what it meant to be fit. “Sly” has truly taken pride in his health and appearance from the start and he’s had the mindset that if he’s not improving, he’s falling behind. The actor is known for following a strict workout regimen and adhering to a healthy diet consistently over the long term.

Stallone won an audience through his dramatic acting and even more dramatic appearance in the Rocky and Rambo films, and he truly worked hard to play the underdog or the wrongly accused. He became known as the tough-as-nails soldier with the ripped torso in the Rambo series and the well-conditioned long shot boxer in the Rocky movies.

Since he played very physical characters, Sly maintained a very regular physical training regimen over the years and often trained with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who he would become close friends with. Although many people do not believe it, the actor did not start his career with a rock hard body. He has been quoted talking about how he wasn’t born with the “best genetics” and how his results were all the result of hard work and smart training.


Chris Hemsworth Thor Arm Workout

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Armed like a God

The Chris Hemsworth Thor Arm Workout is the best routine to follow if you want to get arms like Chris had in the movies Thor, The Avengers, and the upcoming Thor 2.  Hemsworth trained with an intense weight lifting routine and dialed in his diet to achieve incredible results.  He went from having an average or even slightly skinny build to totally jacked.  To find his entire routine, check out the Chris Hemsworth Workout.

This routine is part of the full Chris Hemsworth workout and entails just two days of training for the arms.  The full weekly workout schedule can be found in The Celebrity Workout Book for Men.

The full workout includes 6 resistance style workouts each week, whereby work each muscle group on two separate workouts each week.  If you are a beginner, then this level of frequency and training volume can help you grow.  At the same time, more advanced trainees trying this workout may find that (if it’s more than they’re used to) this style of training will shock your body into growing and developing further.  The key is to make sure you allow for recovery between sessions.

So, just like with the rest of the muscles, the arm workouts are done twice per week.  Here they are:


(these two routines also include shoulder exercises to help sculpt the entire arm at once)

Arm Workout Day 1:

1. Barbell shoulder press 3 2×6,1×12
2. DB lateral raise 3 2×6,1×12
3. Barbell bicep curls 3 2×6,1×12
4. Lying tricep extension 3 2×6,1×12
5. Incline DB bicep curls 3 2×6,1×12
6. Seated one arm tricep extensions 3 2×6,1×12
7. DB bicep curls 3 2×6,1×12
8. Standing overhead cable tricep extensions 3 2×6,1×12
Cardio: steady state (moderate pace) activity of your choice for 30-40 min


Arm Workout Day 2 (done 3 days after Day 1): 

1. Barbell shoulder press 3 2×6,1×12
2. DB lateral raise 3 2×6,1×12
3. Barbell bicep curls 3 2×6,1×12
4. Lying tricep extension 3 2×6,1×12
5. Incline seated bicep curls 3 2×6,1×12
6. Seated one arm tricep ext 3 2×6,1×12
7. DB bicep curls (standing) 3 2×6,1×12
8. Standing overhead cable tricep extensions 3 2×6,1×12
No cardio training performed on this day

To maximize results and get the full Thor body, follow the full total body routine found in the breakthrough 400+ page book The Celebrity Workout Book for Men




50 Cent Workout

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50 Cent hits the weights

The 50 Cent workout is the best plan to follow if you want to get a build like the buff rapper. If you’ve seen 50 Cent perform during a rap show or in one of his movies you can tell that the guy works out. Since he broke into the music scene as a best-selling artist in the early 2000s, he has been known for his rock-solid build and alpha male attitude. Always donning a tank top while performing allowed audiences to see that rapping wasn’t the only thing that he took seriously.

50 Cent is probably most well-known for both his hit rap songs and also the fact that he survived getting shot nine times before he made a name for himself in the music industry. He applies this “never die” attitude to all aspects of his life. Since making it big in rap, 50 has kept all of his muscle – and maybe even built more – because he has made training a part of his life. He is very consistent with it and takes it very seriously.

Most people don’t realize it, but 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis Jackson) was a self-proclaimed fat kid who struggled with his weight when he was growing up. He is naturally a thick mesomorph and through taking up weight training was able to change his body composition, shedding body fat and packing on considerable amounts of muscle mass. Because he has a mesomorph build and sometimes has trouble staying lean, his workout is ideal for bigger guys who want to have a defined physique and limit fat gain or get rid of body fat they currently have.

The 50 Cent Workout Routine

The 50 workout routine is an advanced level program because the rapper has been training for a long time and has a pretty decent physique.  He has considerable muscle mass but isn’t super ripped and that is the main reason his workout isn’t considered to be at the same difficulty level as Arnold’s or Stallone’s.  His physique is attainable by guys who are naturally thicker and have no trouble keeping weight on.  The challenge for most people following this routine is keeping body fat levels down while also trying to build muscle mass.  This routine is essentially a bodybuilding routine with a fair amount of focus on individual muscle groups and cardio is used in the form of low intensity steady state activity or high intensity interval training.  It is especially important for guys following this routine to pay attention to some of the diet guidelines found in The Celebrity Workout Book for Men so that body fat is kept to a minimum while training.

What To Do

As mentioned above, the 50 cent workout is similar to many bodybuilding routines.  With that being said, it is not your typical 5 or 6 day per week split routine.  Instead, it involves just four days of weight training using an upper body, lower body split whereby you work certain general regions of the body together while allowing other areas to rest.  In this case, you will work most of the muscles of the upper body on one day and most of the muscles of the lower body the next.  This allows for enough isolation of groups so that you pay enough attention to specific areas while also creating a powerful hormonal response by working multiple large muscle groups together.  The other advantage is that this routine does not require daily weight training sessions.  There are two workouts for each body region so you don’t repeat an exercise over the course of the week.  This provides both more recovery and more variety for the body.  It is all about working hard, and resting so that new muscle tissue can be created.

This particular plan and those of almost 20 other ripped celebs can be found in the breakthrough book The Celebrity Workout Book for Men

Grab it here!

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